Joris de Jong

Joris de Jong is born in Rotterdam, where he starts doing circus at a young age at youthcircus Rotjeknor. After years of training, working together and performing this comes to an end. After high school he goes to the Fine Art academy in Rotterdam to express himself in an artistic way and show his ideas. In this year he rediscovers his love for the physical, the skills and performing.

He decides to go to the new circus school Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam. Within this education he gets in touch with a lot of different disciplines and becomes interested in the control of the body and everything surrounding it.

One way he uses this interest is in a combination of juggling and dance. This combination together with his design background leads to poetic images and the possibility to create with his body and his objects. With this he reaches  people on the street and in the theater.


“The Juggling act of the Dutch performer Joris de Jong elegantly fuses dance, acrobatics, and the unique handling skills of Juggling”          -Cirkopolis, Melbourne

Email & Phone

+31 (0)639147143