Ready to be moved?

Throw Flow is the company of
Joris de Jong a multidisciplinary circus artist based in The Netherlands and performing all over the world.
Bringing together elements of object manipulation, dance, acrobatics and puppetry to reach and inspire audiences from the theater to the streets.

Current projects

Coffee Complex

Coffee Complex is a poetic Circustheater show, full of flying saucers and balanced cups of coffee.


In these daunting times, how do we open up again? How do we connect? Through coffee and circus!

2 Travel

A lonely traveller: Where is he coming from?  Where is he going? What is he waiting for?


The Great Bean

Square Two

Worked with:


” The Juggling act of the Dutch performer Joris de Jong elegantly fuses dance, acrobatics, and the unique handling skills of Juggling”          -Cirkopolis, Melbourne

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